Shipping & Item Care


Did you purchase a Shipping Warranty?

If so, please follow this link! or refer to your Guardia email!

The email would have come from

If those methods don't work, please contact


During peak order times, such as: Sales, New Influencers & New Merch, Handling may take multiple weeks. Shipping time is determined by service selected.
Most orders are made Individually for each customer, when we get backed up this tends to cause delays, but this is to make the best quality item for you.
Once orders leave our facilities and you receive your shipping confirmation email, we are no longer responsible or liable for your package. If your order arrives at your local post office and is returned to our facilities before you pick up the package, you are responsible for paying any additional shipping charges that incur.
If you haven't received your package beyond the expected delivery date, please contact the courier. We typically ship via USPS And FedEx, but please reference your shipping confirmation email to confirm.
Handling is the time is takes to produce your individual item(s), pack it, and have it picked up for shipping.
Shipping is the required minimum time for Carrier I.E. FedEx, USPS, FIMS, Etc to delivery your item.

If you have shipped via FedEx One Rate, Please note that P.O. Boxes are not accepted by FedEx.
In the event that you have entered a P.O. Box, please contact us at, Include your name, number, and Email address so we can modify to a usable address. Failure to do will result in your package being returned to us and we do not cover the cost to reship the package.
<a href="">FedEx File a Claim</a>


Due to COVID-19, the shipping process has been slowed down and the customs clearance process is delayed.

Unfortunately, a delay is currently expected for these packages! However, we will do everything we can to help move this process along.
FedEx FIMS International shipping service contact number: 1.888.339.6245
When it comes to FIMS, there are steps to follow.
Call and inform them that you have not received your package
If they direct you back to us, please inform them that the package has been released to their crewmembers and that they have the most up to date information possible
Email & CC Include your tracking number! We will actively participate in the conversation!  
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS TAKE EXTRA TIME WHEN SHIPPING THROUGH FIMS. Please allow for two full months for delivery after shipping time. Customs Clearing has been drastically slowed due to the spread of COVID-19
If you ordered through FIMS, Please note that your tracking number will only work through!

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Care Instructions - Embroidered Items 

  1. For best results, wash in warm water with a mild detergent.
  2. Do not add bleaching agents such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate.
  3. Do not line dry. Garments should be tumble dried at warm setting.
  4. Never leave damp or wet embroidered articles folded or stuck together.
  5. Never wring out any embroidered articles.
  6. Never leave embroidered articles soaking in water.
  7. Garments or linen that may be commercially laundered should be embroidered with polyester thread.
  8. If the first laundering of a new garment is done in cool or cold water, leftover dye particles from the thread may remain on the fabric. This does not mean the article is ruined. Rewash in warm water. The remaining particles will wash out.

    Care, Quality, + Damaged Packages/Items

    We take pride in the quality of our product and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Sometimes our Quality Control process can miss defects so before you take the tags off take a quick look at your product for any possible errors. If you find something we've missed, refer to our returns process and we’ll fix the issue right away. Please note, after 30 days, items are not replaceable if they become damaged. If your order is correct and in good shape, we recommend cutting the hang tags off and not ripping them as ripping may leave a hole.

    We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages. It is up to you to track your package and ensure you are there to receive it. USPS updates orders once they arrive at their processing center from our warehouse so please check with them for updates once we've shipped it using the tracking number you receive via email.